In this episode of The Creative Business Podcast we're going to discuss our most popular topics ever: How to thrive in client interviews (plus, how to close a sale 90% of the time).

Learn how to successfully interview prospects and clients to close more deals, make more money, and grow your business.

Listen to this week's episode below on how to thrive in client interviews to find out.

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What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How I close 90%+ of my client interviews
  • 3 strategies our special guest uses to land clients (4:15)
  • The biggest mistake creative businesses make with budgeting (6:40)
  • The very first question you should ask when you sit down with a client (10:41)
  • The "5 Why" strategy to get inside your client's head (11:59)
  • Successful freelancer mentality vs. "hired hands" mentality (16:20)
  • How to align your own goals with client goals (18:49)
  • Experimentation strategies to successfully land clients (21:07)
  • How to answer the question everyone hates asking (24:25)
  • Tips on what should you charge your client — especially if you're not sure your rate (25:30)
  • Our favorite questions to vet new clients (including the exact examples we've used ourselves) (30:44)
  • What's the #1 most important question you can ask your client? (33:00)

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

ecamm Skype call recorder

Toggl time tracking tool

Nusii blog post "How to get your client’s budget and not die in the intent"

How to Survive Client Interviews ebook

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