How To: Interview your client and propose a value based price

When you’re starting to explore value based pricing, one struggle is getting the client to talk to you about their business: What are their goals and challenges? How do they want to grow? How can you support that growth? When you’re first exploring value based pricing, it’s easy for you to get push back from a client: “I don’t want to tell you about my business, I just want a quote. Why can’t you give me that?” I’ve been through all that. Over the last year I’ve migrated my consulting business from hourly work to...

An interview with marketing mentor, Ilise Benun

I recently interviewed Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor. Ilise has worked with creative professionals for over 25 years and offers fantastic insight into the thought processes of creative folks like you and me. In our audio interview we focus on proposals and the importance they play in our businesses. Ilise tells us; What makes a great proposal great, and how can you skip the newbie mistakes that so many of us have made.