Why Your Agency Should Be Using a Sales Script

There’s a crucial piece to your agency that you may be overlooking, and it’s within your sales team. Do you know if your team is selling the same specific information for your services? Explaining the right product specs? As your sales team begins to grow, it’s important to create a system to ensure the right information is being used, and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

4 Things that aren’t the job of a proposal

If you want work, you need to write proposals, and for many people that is not a happy thought. They really want to dive in to their craft and knock out a great design or write elegant code. The proposal is simply a way to get to the execution of that craft. Unfortunately along with this distaste for writing proposals comes a lack of understanding what the job of a good proposal is.

4 Common Objections to your Proposals and How to Overcome them

In early 2015 I spent a few hours on the phone with a prospect. We had a good time on the call, talking deep (at least I thought so) about their business with a bit of laughter thrown in. It was absolutely my ideal client call. The result of our conversations was that I provided a proposal for work which they then decided not to go forward with.

How to build the perfect sales funnel for your service-based business

Over the years I've worked with a lot of different service-based businesses. I also own a service-based business. In that time I've come to realize that one of the single biggest challenges is finding an automated, systematic way of getting consistent clients. I don't think I've ever talked with a single service provider who hasn't gone through "feast and famine" mode. You may also call it the “roller coaster”.