Why we pulled the plug on Facebook and their tracking pixel

So we pulled the plug on Facebook? A bold move I hear you say (you thought it, right?), maybe even a stupid move? But bear with me. Once upon a time there was a designer who loathed writing proposals. He'd had enough of making sure everything was on brand, of searching for previous content, spending days putting together each proposal (yep, days) and then being hit by radio silence when the proposal went out. He dreamed of building software that would help him get proposals out the door in less time. Doesn’t sound very romantic,...

Why You Need Hands-Off Leadership in Your Agency

Hands-off leadership is key to creating a strong, highly-functioning team. While it's a challenge, creating a culture built off of this principle is worth it. Your agency is growing, your teams are creating some amazing work, and you have new clients every month, but you’re barely hanging on. Each day is filled with meetings and check-ins, which means you don’t have time for the business development you want.