5 Things you need to discuss before writing a proposal

The single biggest mistake consultants make in writing proposals is rushing to get them to prospects. We rush because we all have a some deep seated fear that if we don’t get the prospect a proposal fast they’re going to find someone else and of course this is the last prospect we’ll see for a while. That fear is a lie we tell ourselves and it causes us to skip so many questions we need answers to. You will get more prospects and you will land more work, so before you write your next proposal...

4 Things good sales proposals do

The only goal of a proposal is to persuade your prospect to do business with you. If it fails in that task then by definition it was a bad proposal. But unless you know what a good proposal looks like, all you can do is assume that your proposal must be a good one. You have nothing else to compare it against. Let's look at the 4 things good proposals need to do to win work.

4 Things that aren’t the job of a proposal

If you want work, you need to write proposals, and for many people that is not a happy thought. They really want to dive in to their craft and knock out a great design or write elegant code. The proposal is simply a way to get to the execution of that craft. Unfortunately along with this distaste for writing proposals comes a lack of understanding what the job of a good proposal is.