How to Market Your Business When You Don’t Have Time

When it comes to marketing your freelance business, you may think: “Ugh. I hate selling. There has to be a better way to market my services.” “Who has time for marketing?” If you fall into the first category, I bet the word “sales” gives you an uneasy feeling. You procrastinate and avoid the task of selling and focus more on your existing business. If this sounds like you, your approach just needs some tweaking. However, if you fall into the “I don’t mind sales, but I don’t have time to market my services” category, I...

How the digital signature helped shape modern business

How do you currently get your clients to sign important documents? I’m not talking about how you convince them to sign, but the actual process of signing. In days gone by I’d send an email with my document attached. My client would have to print off a copy, sign, scan it, attach to another email and get back to me again. We’ve been signing documents this way for a long, long time. Enter the digital signature!

How to disconnect and be more productive in your work

One of the joys of freelancing can also be the hardest to master: moving from work to life. Disconnecting can be near impossible. With technology advances, it seems like we’re always connected in some way or another. But not disconnecting from work can lead to burnout, exhaustion and depression. In turn, this can wreak havoc on both your professional and personal lives. So what can we do to combat working 24/7? Let's take a look at how you can be more productive in your work, and not kill yourself trying.