5 Time Management Tips for Designers

“I’m SO BUSY this week” “I just don’t have the bandwidth to take on that project right now” “Ugh, there’s so much to do and so little time” Time management is a weakness for many freelancers — especially designers. The perils of being a creative! I’ve been there myself. I’ve used every excuse in the book because I didn’t have effective time management skills. When I got to the end of most work days, I realized I mainly answered emails, sat in on meetings, did favors for others… But I didn’t get much meaningful work...

Why You Need Hands-Off Leadership in Your Agency

Hands-off leadership is key to creating a strong, highly-functioning team. While it's a challenge, creating a culture built off of this principle is worth it. Your agency is growing, your teams are creating some amazing work, and you have new clients every month, but you’re barely hanging on. Each day is filled with meetings and check-ins, which means you don’t have time for the business development you want.