An interview with Sunny Bonnell of Motto

Nathan: Okay, so today on the Nusii interviews I'm joined by Sunny Bonnell of Motto. Sunny is co-founder and creative director of the award-winning branding firm, where she works alongside her partner in crime and branding strategist Ashleigh Hansberger. Sunny was named one of GDUSA’s “25 Creatives to Watch in 2014” and is a contributing writer for Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur, a member and contributor for YEC, an elite organization comprised of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. She’s also been featured on MSN, CNBC, Success, American Express, and various design and business publications.

Project management: An Interview with Lemonly

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of interviews that henceforth shall be know as "The Nusii Interviews". Today I spoke to Becca Eisenhauer and Morgan Hauck who are both project managers over at Lemonly. Lemonly is a digital agency based in South Dakota in the US and they've worked with some huge clients. They've teamed up with companies such as LEGO, Salesforce, Marriott Hotels and more recently Entrepreneur Magazine. They specialise in visual data, otherwise known as Infographics, and I managed to catch up with them both this morning to have a quick chat...

An interview with marketing mentor, Ilise Benun

I recently interviewed Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor. Ilise has worked with creative professionals for over 25 years and offers fantastic insight into the thought processes of creative folks like you and me. In our audio interview we focus on proposals and the importance they play in our businesses. Ilise tells us; What makes a great proposal great, and how can you skip the newbie mistakes that so many of us have made.

An interview with Marie Poulin of Digital Strategy School

If ever there was an example of a design entrepreneur, then Marie Poulin is that example. She's already enjoyed a successful freelance career, working with clients that most would give parts of their anatomy to collaborate with. But now Marie is embarking on a different path, the lesser traveled road of products. Marie recently took the time to tell us all about it. Grab a coffee and enjoy the interview.