How to Market Your Business When You Don’t Have Time

When it comes to marketing your freelance business, you may think: “Ugh. I hate selling. There has to be a better way to market my services.” “Who has time for marketing?” If you fall into the first category, I bet the word “sales” gives you an uneasy feeling. You procrastinate and avoid the task of selling and focus more on your existing business. If this sounds like you, your approach just needs some tweaking. However, if you fall into the “I don’t mind sales, but I don’t have time to market my services” category, I...

Are you a freelance Introvert or Extrovert?

Personality types are important in any business, but what about when it’s just you? Over the years I’ve been learning more and more about personality types. I’ve learned how they affect not only group dynamics, but also the individual. Introversion and extroversion are two of the most polarizing factors within an individual’s personality. A classic example is that introverts prefer to recharge their social battery alone, while extroverts get their energy from others.

10 ways to shine during your next client project

Good project management is important to the success of any client project. If you’re new to freelancing, building solid project management skills now will pay off for years to come. However effective project management requires practice and a certain degree of experimentation. So let's take a look at 10 areas where you can shine during your next client project.