How to Market Your Business When You Don’t Have Time

When it comes to marketing your freelance business, you may think: “Ugh. I hate selling. There has to be a better way to market my services.” “Who has time for marketing?” If you fall into the first category, I bet the word “sales” gives you an uneasy feeling. You procrastinate and avoid the task of selling and focus more on your existing business. If this sounds like you, your approach just needs some tweaking. However, if you fall into the “I don’t mind sales, but I don’t have time to market my services” category, I...

The power of community in business

I’m going to start today’s post with some facts, you know you love them. In the UK, there are roughly 5.2 million businesses. Of those, 99.3% are considered small businesses. This pattern is repeated all around the world. Of those same statistics small businesses only account for 33.2% of the total private sector turnover. In other words, business is tough!

How To: Interview your client and propose a value based price

When you’re starting to explore value based pricing, one struggle is getting the client to talk to you about their business: What are their goals and challenges? How do they want to grow? How can you support that growth? When you’re first exploring value based pricing, it’s easy for you to get push back from a client: “I don’t want to tell you about my business, I just want a quote. Why can’t you give me that?” I’ve been through all that. Over the last year I’ve migrated my consulting business from hourly work to...

Understanding and assuaging client fears

Communication in business is important, when you're a freelancer it's crucial. There's nobody between you and your client, you are your own resources manager, HR consultant and creative mastermind. When a client has questions it’s your job to read between the lines and ease any concerns they might have. Every step of the freelance-client relationship benefits from strong communication. Whether it’s the initial consultation, contract, project timeline or delivery of final product, communication is key.