An interview with Sunny Bonnell of Motto

Nathan: Okay, so today on the Nusii interviews I'm joined by Sunny Bonnell of Motto. Sunny is co-founder and creative director of the award-winning branding firm, where she works alongside her partner in crime and branding strategist Ashleigh Hansberger. Sunny was named one of GDUSA’s “25 Creatives to Watch in 2014” and is a contributing writer for Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur, a member and contributor for YEC, an elite organization comprised of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. She’s also been featured on MSN, CNBC, Success, American Express, and various design and business publications.

The power of community in business

I’m going to start today’s post with some facts, you know you love them. In the UK, there are roughly 5.2 million businesses. Of those, 99.3% are considered small businesses. This pattern is repeated all around the world. Of those same statistics small businesses only account for 33.2% of the total private sector turnover. In other words, business is tough!