Five deadly sins of a freelance designer

It's hard to believe, but freelance designers make mistakes, mistakes of such epic proportions that they should be deemed "freelance sins", and I'm as guilty as the next. I'm not referring to those little mistakes, like a poor choice of colour or whether you're a PC or Mac, I'm referring to mistakes that affect our livelihood as freelance designers. Today I want to talk about five of those sins.

How to guarantee you finish that next side project

Getting things done can be difficult. In a busy world we have so many things competing for our time. The time management gurus say, "If you don't have the time, make it", but we can be own own worst enemies. Being productive means being responsible for your time. Sometimes we need a well intentioned kick up the backside to get us moving in the right direction.

Being a great creative is easy, being consistent is hard

Steve Martin once said that being great was easy, it's being consistent that's hard. How many times do we wish we could repeat past triumphs only to fail, or come up short? As creative people we're called upon to use our skills on a daily basis, but inspiration or greatness doesn't always answer... The good news? most clients will put consistency over greatness any day of the week.